Billy Corgan Reveals Details of "Spiritual Memoir" About How God Found a Boy Named William

Billy Corgan Reveals Details of 'Spiritual Memoir' About How God Found a Boy Named William
Ah yes, it's been much too long since we told you what's going on over in wild and wacky world of Billy Corgan. We mean, really, what goes on in that huge chrome dome of his? And how can we tap into that untamed, kinetic energy of his?

Well, according to Corgan's immensely entertaining/weird blog, Everything from Here to There, a book entitled God Is Everywhere is in the works and will be sort of spiritual memoir tracing the Smashing Pumpkin's journey from Chicago indie alternative rocker to the holy one he is today.

The book will be published by St. Martin's Press and Corgan posts on his blog that he is "thrilled to be working with them."

In a post called "Christmas Memories," Corgan talks about how the book is a "spiritual memoir about how this boy named William came to find God, or, vice versa, how God came to find William."

"If you have ever wondered how I came to be so mercurial, reactionary, silly, or spiritually open," Corgan continues, "then this book will provide insight into that."

And, yes, we've all wondered that from time to time. Sounds like a real page-turner, folks.