Billy Bragg, M. Ward, Owen Pallett Cover Joanna Newsom on New Tribute Album

Billy Bragg, M. Ward, Owen Pallett Cover Joanna Newsom on New Tribute Album
Joanna Newsom covers are nothing new. Last summer, we pointed to the Morning Benders' take on Have One On Me's title track, which sampled a J Dilla beat. And just a couple of months ago, we heard this little girl take the childlike wonderment of "Sprout and the Bean" to a whole new level. That being said, it's a little surprising to hear about Versions of Joanna, an entire album's worth of tributes to the quirky songstress, especially since many of the musical salutes come from a record Newsom released just this year. Granted, Have One On Me is a sprawling, three-disc set, but that's besides the point.

Before you judge the concept as premature though, consider that the set, which will be available digitally sometime in December, is donating all of its profits to humanitarian effort Oxfam. And just check out some of the contributors, which include M. Ward, Billy Bragg and Owen Pallett.

While Pitchfork released the official tracklisting earlier today (November 17), a post on Phoenix, AZ music blog Silver Platter pointed to a Versions of Joanna listening party earlier this month that featured some alternate takes.

Oddly, while today's announcement asserts that both Billy Bragg and Kristina Forrer will tackle renaissance fair folk song "On a Good Day," Silver Platter also listed a version of the tune as performed by Fleet Fox main man Robin Pecknold, whom toured with Newsom last summer.

Though it's unconfirmed why the song was cut, or whether it exists at all, we're hoping it pops up on the Web eventually.

Versions of Joanna:

1. Francesco Santocono: "'81"

2. A Voice Heard on Baer Mountain: "Autumn"

3. Sarah Katheryn: "Baby Birch"

4. Joel Cathey: "Book of Right-On"

5. Guy Buttery: "Book of Right-On" (instrumental)

6. Josh Mann: "Bridges & Balloons"

7. Chris Leeds: "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie"

8. Ian Cooke: "Colleen"

9. This Is Deer Country: "Easy"

10. Doublewuzzy: "Flying a Kite"

11. Rosa Hinksman: "In California"

12. White Elephant Gift Exchange: "Inflammatory Writ"

13. Ian Cooke: "Monkey & Bear"

14. Billy Bragg: "On a Good Day"

15. Kristina Forrer: "On a Good Day"

16. Owen Pallett: "Peach, Plum, Pear"

17. M. Ward: "Sadie"

18. Ben Sollee: "Sawdust & Diamonds"

19. David Miele: "Soft as Chalk"

20. The Moscow Coup Attempt: "Sprout and the Bean"

21. Melissa Stylianou: "Swansea"

22. Jennifer Schmitt: "This Side of the Blue"