Big Sean Sheds More Light on 'Hall of Fame' Follow-Up, Gets Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown to Guest

Big Sean Sheds More Light on 'Hall of Fame' Follow-Up, Gets Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown to Guest
Amongst a handful of entertainment news headlines about his personal life is an artist who's hungrier than ever to put out new music. Big Sean, who recently signed a management deal with Roc Nation and released four new singles last month, thinks nothing much of the headlines, telling Exclaim! that "It hasn't affected my mind state musically. It hasn't really affected many things at all. It's not like it has changed me, people just seem to be interested in that stuff."

What has changed, however, is the passion behind his new yet-to-be-titled album, which serves as a follow-up to his 2013 studio LP, Hall of Fame.

"I feel like it's definitely going to be my biggest project, bigger than any album or mixtape I've ever done," he says. "I'm just making sure we tie all the ends; we got everybody involved, all hands on deck from the people around me, from the G.O.O.D. Music side of things. You know, I'm really feeling great about it."

Big Sean continues to describe the vibe of the album, making reference to the aforementioned singles saying, "It's just the tip of the iceberg, but those are kinda the vibes of it — the dark clouds, the rain, the thunder — the storm's coming."

Perhaps the storm is already here. Big Sean's smash single "I Don't Fuck With You," produced by DJ Mustard and Kanye West, became a huge hit overnight, leaving social media quoting lyrics and creating memes in one clean sweep. What's also notable is that the single takes on the careless feel the G.O.O.D. Music artist puts forth on his mixtapes, while maintaining the refined approach from his albums.

"[My albums are] a little more polished, or like, what's the right word... They just have a little more thought to it than my mixtapes. I treated this project like a mixtape in the sense of not thinking too hard, just kinda going off feel and having fun with it," he explains. "I was so excited to put new music out! I was just happy to start the process, you know? It's great that it's been received so well. I got hit up from everybody! Everybody was just hitting me up… a lot of my peers, you know what I'm saying? A lot of rappers, actors, fans, family members... I've never gotten hit up so much at once. Especially from the song 'IDFWU,' people were just loving the vibe. I was really taken back by it."

Big Sean also confirmed a remix, saying, "There's a 100 percent chance you'll get a remix. There's a lot of people going through this situation, just like I say on the song — 'Seems like nowadays everybody's breaking up.' Like Wiz, Tyga, Jason Derulo, everybody! There's a lot of them man. That's the anthem!"

Being such a hit, Big Sean went on to declare that "IDFWU" and "Paradise" would most likely appear on the upcoming album. Having announced producers such as Key Wane, DJ Dahi and Da Internz already, Big Sean also says the project will feature Kanye West and "G.O.O.D. Music family," as well as Ariana Grande and Chris Brown. Jay Z is also said to be involved in the project in some form.

While the album is rumoured to be released later this year, Big Sean wouldn't confirm a date saying, "You know how we like announcing things, we want to make it special. Not to say this isn't special, but we want to do it the right way. This time around we don't want to put a date out and then change it, we want it to be 100 percent."

With confidence, the Detroit spitter closes off by simply saying, "We going for blood this time, we taking it there."