Big Sean "Ashley" (ft. Miguel) (NSFW video)

Big Sean 'Ashley' (ft. Miguel) (NSFW video)
Unless you're into the idea of repeatedly getting cracked across the head with an aluminum bat, Big Sean makes a good case for not getting out of bed in the middle of the night in the explosively violent new video for his Hall of Fame slow jam "Ashley."

Scored by Sean's bars about a rise to fame and a few relationship faux pas, the clip first finds him huddled in bed with his girl before being woken up by his phone's alarm. For whatever reason, he heads out to his car but gets mugged by a couple rolling out a kidnapping scheme. The video gets a little NFSW as the criminal duo partake in a coked-fuelled sex session in front of their bloodied-up captive, and things get even messier during his attempted escape.

Spoiler: things do not end well for the G.O.O.D. music member.

You'll see the gruesomeness of it all, accompanied by the nevertheless velveteen guest vocals of Miguel, in the player down below.