Big Sean "All Your Fault" (ft. Kanye West) / "I Know" (ft. Jhené Aiko) (videos)

Big Sean 'All Your Fault' (ft. Kanye West) / 'I Know' (ft. Jhené Aiko) (videos)
When it rains, it pours in Dark Sky Paradise. It's been less than a week since Big Sean released his video for "One Man Can Change the World," and now the rapper has shared two more clips from his recent album.

Each of the videos features a high-profile appearance from its featured guest. The celebratory "All Your Fault" is dark, flashy affair in which Sean and Kanye West preside over a wild party at a club. It was directed by Mark Mayer, and the blurry blue and red tints make it look a bit like a 3D clip viewed without the proper eyewear.

As for the slow, sultry "I Know," the visuals feature Sean playing the role of a gracefully greying senior citizen who becomes involved with a woman at the same care centre. The object of his affections is played by special guest Jhené Aiko, who wears wrinkly-looking makeup, and they end up venturing out on the town for a wild night together. It was directed by Lawrence Lamont.

Watch both videos below.