Big Boi Hoping to Score Kate Bush for Collaboration

Big Boi Hoping to Score Kate Bush for Collaboration
Outkast rapper Big Boi has already elicited a few WTF moments on the collaboration front this year, with his team-up announcements ranging from exciting (Modest Mouse, Janelle Monáe) to straight-up groan worthy (Owl City). Significantly upping the ante, the Atlanta-based spitter recently announced his grand plan to snag a guest spot from one of rockdom's most unique and elusive singers: Kate Bush.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Big Boi revealed that he's hoping he can get Bush onto an upcoming record. Considering the generally reclusive English songstress will have delivered two albums by the end of the year (The Director's Cut and her upcoming 50 Words for Snow), Big Boi's planning on striking while the iron's hot.

"The only collaboration that I really want on my record is with Kate Bush," Big Boi said. "She's got a new album coming out in November, so I've got my management team and record company, I've got little babies and squirrels looking for her. That's the only thing that I want to happen right now. She's an all around artist -- producer, songwriter, performer."

While there's no reason to get all excited at the thought of a Bush and Big Boi collaboration just yet, we can't deny that there would be some serious next-level magic brewing on whatever they would get up to.

While Big Boi's tentatively titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader has yet to receive a street date, Bush's 50 Words for Snow arrives November 21 via EMI.