Beyoncé Sued for $100 Million After "Abandoning" Videogame Project

Beyoncé Sued for $100 Million After 'Abandoning' Videogame Project
Despite her lawyers' attempts to have the case thrown out, R&B starlet Beyoncé is facing a $100 million lawsuit from videogame developers for allegedly abandoning a dance-based project she had been attached to.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Gate Five filed suit against the pop singer last April after she "abruptly abandoned" the company's Starpower: Beyoncé project in late 2010. The title was to be a motion-sensing game that would have gamers replicating her dance moves. An NYC Superior Court judge has now given Gate Five's lawsuit the go-ahead.

The company alleges that Bey's actions were a "bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five's business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas (2010)."

Gate Five purportedly spent $6.7 million on the game before Beyoncé balked, and claims that they lost out on over $100 million in profits.

Beyoncé's lawyers, meanwhile, argue that the performer walked away from the deal because the company had failed to secure the proper funding to get the project off the ground. Gate Five denies this, alleging that they were on the verge of securing $19 million from a financier, but that deal was called off when Beyoncé removed herself from Starpower.

NYC Superior Court Judge Charles Ramos rejected Beyoncé's lawyers' motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Tuesday (December 6), so the case will be going forward sometime in the future.

Gate Five is also seeking an injunction to prevent Bey from attaching herself to any other videogames.