Beyoncé "Pretty Hurts" (video)

Beyoncé 'Pretty Hurts' (video)
Beyoncé takes aim at the beauty pageant circuit in the new video for "Pretty Hurts," the latest single being showcased off the R&B-leaning pop star's 2013 self-titled set.

Down below, you'll see the Queen Bee prepping for competitions with a group of other contestants, fighting with each other over mirror space and hairdryer time.

While the character Beyoncé plays has apparently racked up a lot of trophies in her time, the video demonstrates the kinds of body image issues pageants instill. Low points include getting disapproving looks as she weighs in on a scale, a pre-show meltdown, and a trophy-smashing session at home, all juxtaposed against an in-contest response as to what is her aspiration in life: "To be happy."

You'll discover why "Pretty Hurts" down below.