Beyoncé "Partition" (video)

Beyoncé 'Partition' (video)
Beyoncé has packaged yet another one of her self-titled set's tracks with some visuals. This time around, it's a steamy clip supporting the grinding club groove of "Partition."

It all starts at the breakfast table, where Beyoncé tries to get Jay Z's attention by flashing a bit of what's beneath her bathrobe. From there, she gets comfortable in some bejewelled lingerie, takes a ride with the rapper in a fancy whip while singing about getting ready for a blouse-ripping romp, and proceeds to give him a private dance routine while straddling a pretty phallic sculpture.

There's nothing explicitly NSFW about the vid, but you may get a scornful look or two from your co-workers if you're caught peeping the basically undies-only "Partition" vid. Watch at your own discretion.