​Beyoncé Fans Are Seriously Pissed About This New Wax Figure

​Beyoncé Fans Are Seriously Pissed About This New Wax Figure
A waxwork figure of Beyoncé is setting the internet alight — for all the wrong reasons. A fan shared a photo of the Queen Bey replica on Twitter, and the backlash has been swift and savage.
The official Madame Tussaud account was tagged in the initial post, though it hasn't been confirmed which of the company's international wax museums the photo was snapped at.

First fan responses threw shade at the supposed Beyoncé lookalike, pointing out that it bears closer resemblance to Lindsay Lohan and Shakira than Destiny's Child herself.

Other's simply refused to believe or accept that the statue was an homage to Bey.

Others still dug deep into the horrific history of other terrible Beyoncé wax figures, dragging long-forgotten abominations back into the spotlight.

The latest Beyoncé wax figure faux-pas isn't even Madame Tussaud's first failed tribute to the singer. Podcaster Shaun Lau pointed to the museum chain's statues of Bey from China and Orlando — both as misrepresentative as the newest incarnation, but wearing the same outfit.

Frankly, this is making us miss that cheese sculpture of Beyoncé and her unborn twins.