​Beyoncé Breaks Instagram Record with Pregnancy News, Shares More Photos

​Beyoncé Breaks Instagram Record with Pregnancy News, Shares More Photos
Yesterday (February 1), Beyoncé pulled off another classic surprise, announcing to the world that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins. She made the news public by posting a photo to Instagram, and within hours, Queen Bey had shattered the record for the most-liked picture in the history of the photo-sharing app.
Currently exceeding 8 million likes, Bey's pregnancy photo unseated Selena Gomez's Coca Cola-sipping shot from this past summer — by more than a couple million little hearts. Beyoncé also broke Gomez's record in just 11 hours.
Now, Bey has set her sights on dominating the Internet beyond the realm of Instagram by sharing a huge new photo set on her official website.
In addition to old photographs of her engagement, wedding, honeymoon, first pregnancy with Blue Ivy Carter and a whole lot of fancy looking parties and holidays, Beyoncé unveiled some new maternity photos.
Some echo the artsy floral setup we saw yesterday with the initial announcement, though there are also plenty of underwater shots and some photos of Bey, her belly and Blue Ivy against a Lemonade-tinted yellow backdrop.
She even shared a poem from Warsan Shire (whose work was quoted on Lemonade), which reads:
i'm watching life inside me grow;
there's life growing inside of me
and i'm beside myself with dreams.
was it your voice i heard? you speak to me
from inside me,
i have three hearts.
See a selection of the new pictures below, and peruse the entire collection here.