Beverley Martyn "Reckless Jane" (ft. Nick Drake)

Beverley Martyn 'Reckless Jane' (ft. Nick Drake)
A hitherto unreleased track featuring the late Nick Drake is about to be released on a new album from folk figure Beverley Martyn, with the tender team-up going by the name of "Reckless Jane." Written together though only completed years after Drake's death, you can stream the song now ahead of The Phoenix & the Turtle's April 22 due date.

A press release explains that work on the song took place at Martyn's home during a jam session, just months before Drake's death in 1974. Drake takes lead vocals on the track, describing a "fun and fancy free" muse, her full life and her kids, with the completed track also showcasing teary, reflective strings, gentle acoustic plucks and the occasional electrified slide.

"I couldn't even think about the song for so long because it brought up so much pain. It took a while to finish after that point," Martyn said in a statement, adding of the tune's genesis, "The song came out of a bit of fun. We tried to think of all the things we could rhyme with Jane, but 'hear her laughing like a drain' didn't make the cut!"