Bevel Turn The Furnace On

Bevel is the alias used by Via Nuon, someone who is better known as a member of Drunk, but this is his first time appearing as a solo artist. Turn The Furnace On is the kind of record that actually sounds like a solo effort - there isn't a whole lot going on really. There's a real fragility and sombreness to the music that conveys both intimacy and frailty. For the most part, the music is unaccompanied guitar (although there is the occasional piano, banjo and percussion) and there are times where it is eerily reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. The album isn't really the huge departure from Nuon's previous work that it pretends to be. Instead, it sounds like a stripped down version of Drunk that could be passed off as a skewed version of folk music if you really felt the need to classify it. Turn The Furnace On is very much Nuon's own achievement and is one that will appeal not only to fans of Drunk, but also to those of quieter, introspective music. With its obscure lyrics and contemplative music, it is one of those understated efforts that will touch most people who hear it. (Jagjaguwar)