Best Coast Release 'iTunes Session'

Best Coast Release 'iTunes Session'
Last year, Best Coast's Crazy for You was the sunny soundtrack to many music fans' summer. Now, Bethany Cosentino and her collaborators Bobb Bruno and Ali Koehler are keeping the good vibes coming with new iTunes Session.

The eight-song collection arrived online today (May 31). For $7.99, you'll get a selection of tracks recorded live in the studio. This includes previous favourites like "When I'm with You" and "Boyfriend," plus the early single "Something in the Way." There's also a B-side called "Over the Ocean" and a cover of Loretta Lynn's "Fist City."

Along with the songs, the session includes an interview that clocks in at more than half an hour. Check out the tracklist below and head over to iTunes to buy.

There's no word on when Best Coast will be releasing a new album, but Cosentino has been lending her vocals to seemingly everyone as of late, including the Go! Team, Wavves and New Found Glory.

iTunes Session:

1. "Over the Ocean"
2. "Crazy for You"
3. "Goodbye"
4. "Fist City"
5. "Boyfriend"
6 "When I'm with You"
7. "Something in the Way"
8. "Our Deal"
9. "Interview"