Best Coast "How They Want Me to Be"

Best Coast 'How They Want Me to Be'
While Best Coast continue to market the hell out of themselves -- as well as Snacks the Cat -- Bethany Cosentino and co. have decided it's time to start looking at their career post-Crazy For You. So today (August 4), we've got a new Best Coast demo for a song called "How They Want Me to Be."

Speaking of the song on Best Coast's blog, Cosentino writes, "This song was recorded a few months ago at Black Iris, the same studio we recorded Crazy For You. This song is not properly mixed, it's mostly a rough studio demo of a song I wrote and wanted to record. I am about 99% sure that this song will get re-recorded and changed up a bit and will end up on our second album. It's called 'How They Want Me To Be.'

"It's just a small taste of what's to come, and I wanted to give you guys something to get excited about since you've been the best fans in the whole world!"

There you go "best fans in the whole world," listen to the song here.