Best Coast "Crazy for You" (video)

Best Coast 'Crazy for You' (video)
Cali beach-poppers Best Coast just can't get enough of their cats. Last week we told you that the group teamed up with website I Can Has Cheezburger for a contest to caption a picture of singer Bethany Cosentino's pet Snacks, and now we have this clip, which features a bunch of cuddly kittens filming the group in action.

But as cuddly as they seem, these cats mean business. Cosentino oohs and ahhs her way through the lovey-dovey track, but the feline sitting in the director's chair chews her out for missing her cues. Things seem to go smoother for guitarist Bobb Bruno, who shares a bag of, uh, cat nip with a stoney-looking kitty between takes.

Check out the cat-centric clip below.