Best Coast "Baby I'm Crying" (live video)

Best Coast 'Baby I'm Crying' (live video)
In more ways than one, a new live performance video behind Best Coast's "Baby I'm Crying" is giving us a way to experience the heart-aching track beyond what we'd heard on Fade Away.

Directed by Ryan Reichenfeld, the video finds Bethany Cosentino and the rest of her crew running through the track a touch more softly than on the recent mini-album, dialling down the six-string distortion to instead put the focus on the leader's troubled lines and the haunting harmonies of a pedal steel guitar.

Additionally, the proceedings were recorded binaurally via the use of a mannequin head stuffed with microphones. A press release explains you'll be able to check out the three-dimensional sound by slapping on a pair of headphones.

You'll find the recording studio-shot clip down below.