The Besnard Lakes Score New Interactive Web Documentary

The Besnard Lakes Score New Interactive Web Documentary
The Besnard Lakes have a penchant for taking on oddball projects, as they previously scored Mark Ruffalo's 2010 film Sympathy for Delicious and teamed up with rapper Shad on the collaborative music/film series National Parks Project. Now, the two-time Polaris Music Prize nominees have lent their talents to yet another new project: an online interactive documentary called Welcome to Pine Point.

Spearheaded by Vancouver creative team the Goggles and the National Film Board of Canada, the project was inspired by co-creator Michael Simons's childhood trip to a mining town in the Northwest Territories. According to a press release, the film "showcases an evolving collection of innovative, interactive stories exploring the world -- and our place in it -- from uniquely Canadian points of view."

How do the Besnard Lakes fit into this? Well, they wrote original soundtrack for the project. You can see a trailer below, which features their dreamy, shoegaze-y stylings.

Check out the documentary at It combines still images with video and music, and allows users to browse through it as if it were a multimedia photo album.

The soundtrack should help to tide Besnard Lakes fans over until the Montreal group decide to record an official follow-up to last year's Are the Roaring Night.