Berserker Dissumulate

Finally, here's the new one from the Berserker, who once again set out to achieve totally ludicrous sonic annoyance. And they succeed, in no small thanks to the stupidest sounding drum machine around; if this band utilised a real drummer, it wouldn't be half bad. It might even be good, but it's too laborious to dig through the mechanical production here to figure out what the hell the humans in the band are doing. It's safe to assume they're playing some form of standard grindcore riffing behind that loud drum machine, which is imminently pumped up to however many bpms is now inhumanly possible. Think Mortician without the campy fun: grating anti-music that was almost fun the first time around but now that we've all heard the gimmick, we want something else. Why, Earache, why? (Earache)