Benumb Withering Strands of Hope

Benumb's second CD is damn near perfect. The songs are short blasts of grindcore intensity with a hardcore ethic, almost sounding sloppy at times but that only adds to the intensity, like it could all fall apart at any minute but never does. Vocalist Pete Ponitkoff is one angry guy, and most of the songs here are political in nature. The lyrics aren't printed, but they've opted to print contact info for their favourite bands and labels, but with song titles like "Minimum Wage Intellectual" and "Father to the Fatherless," you know they've got more important things on their minds than goblins and ghosts. Not unlike their first CD, the production sound here isn't too hot sounding, with too much bass, and it all sounds uneven. Still, a minor complaint, and in the realm of underground grind/hardcore you can't ask for much more than this. (Relapse)