Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, OK Go's Damian Kulash Team Up to Record Album in Eight Hours

Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, OK Go's Damian Kulash Team Up to Record Album in Eight Hours
When an artist writes and records a new batch of songs, the lengthy process of pressing and promotions usually means that we don't hear the results until months later. Well, songwriters Ben Folds (pictured), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) and Damian Kulash (OK Go), plus author Neil Gaiman, have now unveiled a new project that promises to offer more instant gratification.

On April 25, the four artists will write and record eight songs in eight hours. This is part of a conference from Berklee College of Music called Rethink Music, which will be held in Boston, MA. The recordings will be broadcast live via the conference's website, and the final product will be unveiled just ten hours later.

According to a press release, "This group will show how record companies are becoming superfluous to building buzz and distributing music."

Of the project, Kulash said, "Can the album cycle actually be reduced to a single day? If the recording industry is supposed to be a means of connecting musicians to music listeners, well, then, here it is -- spontaneous and circular. They send us ideas and a day later we have an album, a show, and some semblance of a documentary. And then the next day (we hope), a big public flameout and a battle over rights and the release of competing slanderous autobiographies."

Palmer added, "The four of us are creative internet addicts with our own huge Twitter circles. This project is exciting as it will give us the opportunity to collide our circles."

If you don't catch the recording session when it goes live online from 4 p.m. to midnight on April 25, you can download the resulting album from Bandcamp. All proceeds from the first week of downloads will be donated to Berklee City Music, which offers music education to teenagers.