Beefs 2013: Wale Confronts Raptors Announcer at Basketball Game over Alleged On-Air Diss

Beefs 2013: Wale Confronts Raptors Announcer at Basketball Game over Alleged On-Air Diss
Washington, DC's Wale was likely already on edge last night (February 19) as he watched his hometown Wizards trailing the Toronto Raptors in a basketball game, so it's maybe not a big surprise that an off-the-cuff remark made by Raps announcer Matt Devlin about the MC sent him into a rage.

During the game, Devlin noted that Wale was in the crowd at Washington's Verizon Center heckling the Raptors' Rudy Gay from the sidelines. Clearly unaware of the rapper's career, Devlin quipped: "I'm sure somebody on Twitter could tell me exactly if they've ever heard of Wale. He's not Drake, that's for sure."

Wale took those as fighting words.

Wale first tweeted a warning message to the announcer ("watch your mouth"), and later approached Devlin during the broadcast and attempted to start an argument, but was held back by a friend. It's unclear exactly what Wale said, but he doesn't look too happy.

Following the game, which Toronto won 96-88, Wale tweeted: "Somebody call u out your name . And you confront them . YOU wrong . So who u cheerin for the people who take insults in stride? Since when."

A rep for the Raptors has since tried to diffuse the situation, and sent out an apology to the rapper. The spokesperson told TMZ that Devlin's words were supposed to be self-deprecating, and intended to make fun of himself for not knowing who the Grammy-nominated rapper is.

"It's a shtick that Matt and our analyst do consistently to poke fun at the fact neither is pop culture savvy," the rep said.

Devlin's Drake knowledge, meanwhile, likely stems from the fact that OVO is from Toronto and has professed his love for his hometown team. Last weekend, for instance, Drizzy gave shooting guard Terrence Ross his courtside approval when the rookie won the Sprite Slam Dunk contest in Houston as part of the All-Star weekend.