Beefs 2013: Sean Hannity Calls Ryan Adams a "Gutless Little Coward" over "Twitter Tirade"

Beefs 2013: Sean Hannity Calls Ryan Adams a 'Gutless Little Coward' over 'Twitter Tirade'
With Ryan Adams currently tweeting '80s hardcore links like crazy, it's perhaps not too surprising that the normally alt-country-leaning musician has also been raising political ire with conservatives as well. Specifically, the singer-songwriter has been beefing with Fox News host and conservative political commentator Sean Hannity, with an argument bouncing from Twitter into a one-sided TV segment.

Apparently, it all started on Monday (August 5) with a tweet  Adams fired off towards Hannity that read, "[email protected] Your entire soul is controlled by fear and by hate. Evolve little chicken man. See reality."

The tweet was later removed, but not before the team behind Hannity's eponymous news show requested an on-air interview, to which Adams responded:

"Thanks @seanhannity for inviting me on your show. If I wanted to be yelled at I would go see a Youth of Today reunion show. :  )"

A back and forth continued before Hannity took to his show last night (August 6) to lambaste the singer.

Hannity said:

Singer-songwriter — by the way, you probably don't know him, he's not that popular — Ryan Adams… we invited him on the show for a comment. His little agent replied, because he was too chicken, in an email: "Ryan's statement is his tweet and vice versa"… Why don't you have the courage to come on the program, defend yourself? He called me a "terrorist"…

If we wanted to torture terrorists, we could play his music, which isn't that popular anyway, and a 24-hour-loop would drive them nuts... Come on the program, stop being a wimp, he's hiding behind his rock star makeup like a little gutless little coward that he is.

Joining Hannity on the program was Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, who accused Hannity of confusing the issue, stating: "This isn't about liberals, this is about entertainers and artists who have a right to speak their minds and share their opinions."

The other guest, Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello, likened Adams, however, to a teenager, claiming that his tweet-only policy to the assumed debate "has no sense of integrity."

Adams has yet to comment on the on-air attack, but he did, however, tweet a picture of himself and Jenny Lewis working from his PaxAm studio.