Beefs 2013: Doldrums Denounces Former Tour Partner Girl Talk: "He's Corrupted"

Beefs 2013: Doldrums Denounces Former Tour Partner Girl Talk: 'He's Corrupted'
Think beefs are the preserve of creatively moribund rappers and out-of-work metal guitarists? Well, according to a recent Doldrums interview with UK magazine The Fly, you'd be wrong on that point. The young Montreal electronic artist born Airick Woodhead aired his issues with Girl Talk man Greg Gillis concerning a spat that originated on Girl Talk's winter 2012 Canadian tour.

Far from a simple creative disagreement, Woodhead lamented an infrastructure of contradiction and hypocrisy within the Girl Talk camp, showing off a critical eye that most music journalists would envy.

"Girl Talk basically had one good idea, and spent the next five years selling that idea to increasingly suburban white marketing consumers," Woodhead began. "I'll tell you this story: during his set, [Girl Talk] brings all the people onstage and has everyone in costumes. So I was onstage, dancing, and I crowdsurfed into the audience. It was really fun, and then I got off. Their tour manager grabbed me by the neck, pulled me backstage and started screaming in my face. He said, 'You just stage-dived off of Girl Talk's stage! Don't try to one up this guy! This is his show!'"

Understandably put out, Woodhead took his swollen pride (and eardrums) to the mainman himself.

"So Greg [Gillis] and I had an hour-long talk, and he defended that I shouldn't have stagedived. I had to write this fucking apology letter to the stage manager, or I'd get kicked off the tour. It was crazy. And suddenly I was privy to how closed a fist he's keeping on this little product. You're not allowed to do anything in the Girl Talk show. It's supposed to look like this fun, spontaneous thing, but it's actually just… sleamy [portmanteau of 'slimy' and 'sleazy']. Sleamy vibes. He came from a good place, but he's absolutely corrupted."

Beefs: who doesn't love 'em? Read the full interview with The Fly here.

Doldrums' new Lesser Evil album is out now via Arbutus. As previously reported, Doldrums is about to kick off a North American tour, and you can see all the dates here.