Beefs 2012: Peter Hook Accuses New Order of Miming His Bass Parts, Claims "Oppression of a Minority"

Beefs 2012: Peter Hook Accuses New Order of Miming His Bass Parts, Claims 'Oppression of a Minority'
Peter Hook wasn't too happy when his former New Order bandmates reunited without him last year, and now that 2011 feud has spilled over into 2012. Speaking with NME, Hook accused the group's new bassist Tom Chapman of pilfering his intellectual property.

"I've watched so-called 'New Order' playing in Auckland and Tom Chapman is miming along to my bass on tape," Hook said. "'Round & Round'. Have a look at it. He's got his fingers on the low and you can hear my high bass in the background. So he's miming. It's the Milli Vanilli of bass."

He continued, "It's a fantastic compliment, but I best get on to my intellectual property lawyer and see if it's something you're allowed to do. I do think that miming to my bass is pretty much the ultimate insult. Still, check it out, there I am lurking in the background like a ghost."

Hook's New Order bandmates have responded and admitted that parts of the bassline are pre-recorded, but they denied that the backing track features any of Hook's original playing.

"On the chorus of 'Round & Round' there is a low bass part, a high bass part and Tom sings backing vocals," New Order said in a statement to NME. "It's more than one person can manage so Tom recorded his high bass part and it's replayed as part of the backing track sequence. We strongly refute the allegation that New Order are using any of Mr. Hook's bass playing in our live performance. When Mr. Hook was part of New Order he tracked his parts that couldn't be played live because they coincided with other parts. We are simply doing the same with our new bass player."

They also added, "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or their recent fake DJing YouTube hit might need to be recalled. Keep watching."

Hook said that he's not opposed to his bandmates playing as New Order, which probably has something to do with the fact that he's been performing old material as well. What he does dispute, however, is the band's appropriation of the brand.

"I'm not against them playing," Hook said, "but what I'm rallying against is the business dealings they've done to secure the New Order trademark, which is oppression of a minority, which is illegal. They've taken the New Order name and the trademark and basically thrown me 50p and said 'That's all you're worth twatface. That's what you get for playing Joy Division music.' It's a business thing. They are in a position of strength because there's three of them, but what they're saying is that the New Order name has got nothing to do with me and that's what I dispute."

Some fans may remember that back in 2007, Hook threatened to sue if his bandmates continues on without him, and it's beginning to sound as if the courts may be the only place where this whole thing is going to finally get settled.