Beefs 2012: DMX Throws Down Some Hate on Drake

Beefs 2012: DMX Throws Down Some Hate on Drake
Drake only recently ended his feud with Common and made nice with that tattoo artist, but the mega-famous Canadian hip-hop sensation already seems to have made a new enemy. Frequently incarcerated (and possibly bi-polar) rapper DMX was recently interviewed on New York's Power 105.1 FM, and he had some choice words to say about the former Degrassi star.

"I don't like anything about Drake," DMX said. "I don't like his fucking voice. I don't like what he talks about. I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks, like, nothing. I don't like his haircut. I might just -- let me shut up. I'm gonna stop right there."

Well, DMX, you might just what? In any case, we're curious to see whether Drake will keep his distance, or if he'll fire back with some insults of his own. And maybe Drizzy's buddy the Weeknd will compare DMX to somebody's drunk uncle?

Watch DMX's interview below [via TMZ]. He apparently also isn't a fan of Rick Ross, since he says, "I'm not impressed" and makes funs of his lyrics.

Meanwhile, Drake is facing a lawsuit from an alleged ex over her contribution to his song "Marvin's Room." Dude just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

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