Beefs 2011: Owen Pallett Weighs In on Morrissey's Closeted Sexuality

Beefs 2011: Owen Pallett Weighs In on Morrissey's Closeted Sexuality
Violin-toting Canadian hero Owen Pallett had a massive year in 2010, releasing his critically adored Heartland album, as well as the recent Export EP. The busybody should find a sense of camaraderie with the equally prolific Morrissey, but in a recent interview, Pallett revealed that he's not too keen on the British legend due to the Moz's ambiguous approach to his homosexuality.

Speaking with Spinner, Pallett revealed, "I've always had a real hard time engaging with songwriters who do put on a persona. Morrissey being the best example of someone I really admire, but align myself in opposition to."

Pallett then elaborates on his views with the following statement:

Just that he's allowed himself to stay in the closet, or at least be ambiguous, for so long as if it's not a big deal. I could talk about Morrissey, but basically I decided early on that I was always going to be candid in interviews, that I was always gonna set up my own gear onstage, that I was going to keep costuming down to a minimum, that I was going to be off-the-cuff and relaxed around the audience because, growing up, that's the kind of music that inspired me.

 In related news, One Thirty BPM revealed that Pallett recently told a crowd in Austin that his SXSW appearances would be his last live performances as a solo act, as he plans to start working with a drummer in the near future.