Beckett "Butterflies" (ft. Claire Ridgely) (lyric video)

Beckett 'Butterflies' (ft. Claire Ridgely) (lyric video)
Berlin-based producer Beckett is giving us an introduction with "Butterflies" — a brand new track featuring Montreal's Claire Ridgely.

The newly released track arrives via a lyrics video, and as the song's words fill the screen, we're hit with retro synths, disco-tinged beats and an update on the whole '80s vibe. All the while Ridgely's velvety vocals slap the song with an earworming pop melody.

A press release describes the track like this:

With "Butterflies," Beckett proves that he is capable, as few beside him are, of disrupting the limits of typical genres. Playfully he crosses contemporary sound with retro elements, blending digital and analog tones to a high standard of sound that has yet to be challenged. Beyond this, Beckett succeeds in stepping into the background to take on the initial role of the producer. Presenting his featured guests at the forefront, he sits behind the controls to allow for a natural creative flow, resulting in a purely customized sound.

Down below, you can dive into "Butterflies" or get stream it via the service of your choice here.