Beck "Dreams" (snippet)

Beck 'Dreams' (snippet)
Following a bit of speculation over whether or not a new Beck single lands next Monday (June 15), the master songsmith has confirmed its arrival with a teaser clip. You can hear the first bit of "Dreams" right now.

An interview with Alt 98.7 had Beck noting that the song will be premiered on midnight EDT this Sunday through iHeartRadio. He also explained that "Dreams" had been in the works for a while, along with a number of other tracks, which will appear on a new as-yet-untitled album. 

Today (June 12), he's teasing the single over social media. The quick, looped vid presents a gleeful groove of clipped, electronically manipulated guitars blasting atop of a heavy, processed backbeat.

It's not much, but the reveal suggest we may be in for a serious summer jam from Beck. You can check out the clip down below.
You can also hear the entire interview with Alt 98.7 at the bottom of the page. Of the new album, Beck said the material was "pretty diverse" and a "group of songs that fit together." Unfortunately, there is no word on when the album may arrive.

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