Beautiful Few If You Change Your City You're Sure To Change Your Style

It must be hard to be a band from Australia who write jangly guitar songs and avoid comparisons to the Go-Betweens. But before the release of their third album, If You Change Your City You’re Sure To Change Your Style, the Beautiful Few underwent a radical rebirth, ensuring that those comparisons were a thing of the past. With a brand new line-up, apart from lyricist Kieran Carroll, the band take a much more eclectic approach to their music, making this a much more interesting listen than their previous records. However, more interesting doesn’t always mean better and while there are moments where everything does gel, most of the record feels like it is trying far too hard. The lyrics are the album’s saving grace, but far too often they are obscured by quirkiness and it can be hard to hear the references to everyday Australian life and, for some reason, Mark E. Smith. Yet no matter how cluttered and disorderly If You Change is, there are some genuinely inspired pop songs that might just keep you listening, just in case another one is waiting just around the corner. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t though. (Big Rig)