Beatles' Yellow Submarine Set for 3-D Remake?

Beatles' <i>Yellow Submarine</i> Set for 3-D Remake?
With the Beatles set to get their own Rock Band videogame and some fancy shmancy remasters, it looks as if even more industry types are aiming to cash in on the Fab Four's legacy. This time it's Disney and director Robert Zemeckis, who are reportedly teaming up in hopes of remaking the 1968 animated classic Yellow Submarine.

According to Variety [via The Playlist], Zemeckis and Disney are in the midst of negotiations that would grant them the original film's 16-song soundtrack and would let them turn the movie into a 3-D digital production, much like the director's The Polar Express, Beowulf and the upcoming Jim Carrey vehicle A Christmas Carol. The plan is to have the new Yellow Submarine all ready to go in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics, which kick off in London on July 27.

So far Disney has yet to comment on the film, but Variety reports that an army of lawyers have been hashing out the deal for months, with a prospective Broadway stage musical of Yellow Submarine also in the works.

Seriously, just wait until Yoko goes all Yoko on this one.