Beatles Cohort Jackie Lomax Dies at 69

Beatles Cohort Jackie Lomax Dies at 69
Jackie Lomax, a singer-guitarist who was a close cohort of the Beatles back in their '60s heyday, died this past Sunday (September 15) in the Merseyside borough of Wirral. He was 69.

A statement on his website explains that he died following a short illness. Various sources report that Lomax succumbed to cancer.

Lomax's career began in the early '60s, when his group the Undertakers were contemporaries of the Beatles. He later formed the group the Lomax Alliance and was managed by Brian Epstein, who also managed the Beatles.

Lomax then signed with the Fab Four's Apple Records, and his debut solo single for the label was the George Harrison-penned "Sour Milk Sea" in 1968. The recording featured Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton. Harrison produced Lomax's 1969 solo album Is This What You Want?

Lomax went on to record albums and play with various groups for the remainder of his career, though never achieved mainstream success. He continued to perform in his later years.

The post on his website explains, "For Jackie it was always about the music and he had only recently put the finishing touches to his next album, Against All Odds, which will be released by Angel Air Records towards the end of this year or early next year."

Lomax spent much of his life in California. There will be a memorial in Liverpool. He is survived by his first wife Dionne, their daughters Vicki, Janine, and Louise, and five grandchildren.