Beastie Boys to Screen Fight for Your Right Revisited in Canadian Cinemas; Win Tickets to Toronto Premiere at Exclaim!

Beastie Boys to Screen <i>Fight for Your Right Revisited</i> in Canadian Cinemas; Win Tickets to Toronto Premiere at Exclaim!
Ever since we got wind of the Beastie Boys' short film Fight for Your Right Revisited, we've been wondering when we would get a chance to peep the short film. We got even more excited when a trailer of the clip -- featuring battling faux-Beasties like Will Ferrell, Elijah Wood and Seth Rogan -- popped up last week. Now Canadians will finally get a shot to watch the entire short later this month.

It's just been announced that the hip-hop movie, along with a couple more goodies, will be screened at Toronto's Royal Theatre on April 20 at 7 p.m. sharp. But if you're not in Toronto, don't worry: more Canadians screenings will be revealed soon.

Along with the star-studded short film, the theatres will screen the original video for "Fight for Your Right" from 1986, as well as the new video for "Make Some Noise," off the trio's upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The theatres will also be playing selections from the album, which comes out May 3 via Capitol, throughout the night.

If you want to check out that Toronto screening, you will want to click here. Exclaim! will be giving away hundreds of tickets, so this may be your best shot at scoring a pair. Also, stay tuned for those additional screenings, as well as more ticket giveaways.