Beastie Boys Skip Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 and Go Straight to Pt. 2

Beastie Boys Skip <i>Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1</i> and Go Straight to <i>Pt. 2</i>
Back in March, we reported that Beastie Boys were prepping a new album called Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1, which was slated for a September release. That planned release date has now come and gone without word as to when or if the album will ever be completed. Still, all is not lost for Beastie Boys fans: the rap troupe have announced that they will be releasing Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 in the spring, before Pt. 1 even comes out.

A statement on the band's website currently reads: "Although we regret to inform you that Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 will continue to be delayed indefinitely, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 will be released on time as originally planned in spring of 2011."

Last week, Beastie Boy Mike D's wife Tamra Davis gave fans an update, writing, "Mike is back mixing his record, which means Adam Y is feeling better. Yeah!" At the time, the post regarding Adam Yauch's status after being diagnosed with cancer last year seemed most likely about Pt. 1, but now we know that she meant Pt. 2.

In the summer of 2009, Mike D told Drowned in Sound, "Pt. 2 is pretty much done. Basically, we were making Pt. 1, had too many songs, so we recorded some more songs. Which sounds bizarre but it actually worked out, because it made it clear to us which songs were going to be on Pt. 1. Then we had this whole other album of songs: Pt. 2. Pt. 1's going to be your regular CD in the stores and to download, but Pt. 2 is going to be released in... we're still figuring it out, but a different way. More of a 2009 style."