Beastie Boys Keep the Reissues Coming with Ill Communication

Beastie Boys Keep the Reissues Coming with <i>Ill Communication</i>
Even one-time hardcore punks/hip-hop artists Beastie Boys can't escape the whole remix/remaster thing that everyone likes to do once an album sounds dated, er, becomes a "classic." That's what's happening to acclaimed 1994 affair Ill Communication, just like it did with Check Your Head and Paul's Boutique.

One of their most popular and critically praised efforts, Ill Communication found them at their most maturely playful. In other words, they worked past the teen angst-driven boozin' and stuff, getting into shit like role-playing for the "Sabotage" video filmed by Spike Jonze. That's the one where they pretend to be '70s cops, remember?

Because the effort - Ill Communication as a whole, not just "Sabotage" - is considered one of their best, it's getting a truly dazzling revision in hard copy. Not only will you get the original album but there's a deluxe three-LP, 180-gram vinyl version packaged with a lenticular (a fancy term for 3D) hardcover coffee table book case limited to 1,500 copies. Naturally, a whack of bonus songs are included as well.

The digital format is actually already available, while if you want to hold the sucker in your hands you can pre-order and it will get to you on July 14. Visit this site for details.

The bonus tunes:

1. "Root Down (Free Zone Mix)"
2. "Resolution Time"
3. "Get It Together (Buck-Wild Remix)"
4. "Dope Little Song"
5. "Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix)"
6. "Heart Attack Man (Unplugged)"
7. "The Vibes"
8. "Atwater Basketball Association File No. 172-C"
9. "Heart Attack Man (live)"
10. "The Maestro (live)"
11. "Mullet Head"
12. "Sure Shot (European B-Boy Instrumental)"

Apparently the vid below features a new song from Beasties' forthcoming album, Hot Sauce Committee, due out September 15. Sounds like Adam Yauch has been pilfering those sessions he did with Bad Brains a couple of years back: