BBC Open to "Rethink" 6 Music Closure After More Public Outrage

BBC Open to 'Rethink' 6 Music Closure After More Public Outrage
It was just two days ago (March 2) that the BBC confirmed it was indeed closing 6 Music. We reported that "the decision will undergo a 12-week public consultation ending in September when the BBC Trust will take the final step after considering both the response of the public and its own analysis." Well, the "response of the public" is in, and it ain't pretty.

As the BBC now reports, the BBC Trust (the broadcaster's governing body) is now considering rethinking the closure of 6 Music after both massive public outcry and the threat of striking on the part of BBC unions Bectu and the National Union of Journalists. According to union statement, they felt the proposals were "unnecessary and unacceptable."

Former director general of the BBC Greg Dyke has been quoted saying, "BBC 6 music doesn't get massive audiences, but the audiences who do listen to it are devoted and they'll make a big fuss.[...] I would take a bet today that it's still here in a years time."

In the meantime, support for saving 6 Music continues, and that Facebook group now has more than 132,000 members. Oh, and Radiohead aren't happy about the proposed closure either.