Baumer Come On, Feel It

If the thought of the bastard child of the Killers and the Postal Service intrigues you, Columbia, SC’s quartet Baumer are more than capable of supplying your fix of anthemic electro power pop. If that combination sounds suspiciously like the recipe for the sonic equivalent of a sugar coma, you also wouldn’t be incorrect, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. While they describe their sound as "dark and infectious,” it’s hard to believe guitarist/beat programmer Kenny McWilliams’ claim that he went through a long stage of not listening to any pop music, as singer/synthesist Nate Boykin’s pop sensibilities balance him out. This is an album of soaring choirboy vocals specialising in plaintive, wistful lyrics about growing up and dealing with the pitfalls of young love over heavy synths, punchy guitar riffs and solid beats. The result is a fun, uncomplicated addition to the retro dance rock catalogue. The tunes are upbeat and catchy, but after a certain point, they start to blend into one another, each tending to follow a similar trajectory of whimsical, electronic verse exploding in a chorus of live drums and guitar. (Playrec)