Battletorn Terminal Dawn

There may only be two of them but New York rippers Battletorn are still more metal than one set of ears can handle. Aggressive without seeming testosterone-laden and agitated but not indecipherable, Terminal Dawn’s expeditious songs are flailing bouts of thrashing fury that expire in a ball of flame faster than one can read their titles. It’s done with such passion that the lack of a bass is barely noticeable. Virtually every iota of their sonic spectrum is filled by either vocalist/guitarist Omid’s rampant feedback or drummer William exorcising demons on his kit. The end result is a beautiful crossover that finds Cryptic Slaughter shaking hands with Reign In Blood-era Slayer, albeit with worse production. Yes, that’s possible, yet somehow the horrible production actually propels this band. The fusion of tinny guitars and mid-soaked drums offers up a sense of realism and danger to their recording. This band aren’t fucking around; they’re on a mission to blow up evil metal and nothing will stop them. Apparently not even a lack of funds, but it simply proves that some bands don’t pay tribute to the golden era when thrash was morphing into death metal. Battletorn are still in thrash’s heyday decades later. (Mad At The World) (Mad at the World)