Battle Kommand Merges With Candlelight

Battle Kommand Merges With Candlelight
Independent metal label Battle Kommand may currently only be on the radar of a select few but that's about to change. Formed in 2004 by Nachtmystium vocalist/guitarist Blake Judd, the Chicago-based outfit has released approximately 30 titles ranging from black, doom and death metal to experimental, noise and ambient rock. While its success has been formidable given its size, Battle Kommand is receiving a huge leg-up.

Fellow metal label Candlelight Records, responsible for over 400 titles from acts such as Emperor, Opeth, 1349, Crowbar and Obituary, has extended its operations to include working with Battle Kommand internationally. Kicking off the new merger, Candlelight will re-release Nachtmystium's full catalogue followed by the label's entire four-year output before working towards signing new acts. Where applicable, bonus material will be added.

Thanks to the union, Battle Kommand will see the benefit of Candlelight's massive distribution via Caroline in the U.S., EMI Music in Canada and Plastic Head Music in Europe/U.K. In turn, Candlelight receives rights to work Battle Kommand's discography and gains another ally with a finger on the pulse of underground extreme music.

"With Candlelight's funding behind BKR's new signees," says Judd, "I anticipate that more of our artists will be touring here and abroad. A more major push for all of our artists marks a major step for the label, and we intend to push-forward with full is with much honour that we can announce this collaboration."

Nachtmystium "Bleed For Thee" (live in Chicago)