The Bats Set to Unleash The Guilty Office

The Bats Set to Unleash <i>The Guilty Office</i>
One of New Zealand's finest musical exports, the Bats have leaked word of a new full-length, news that should get more than a little excitement flowing through pop lovers' veins.

On their homeland's Arch Hill imprint, the band will release their seventh studio album, titled The Guilty Office, on December 1. The record will follow up the Bats' highly excellent At the National Grid and mark the first album by the one-time Flying Nun stalwarts since 2005.

According to the Bats' website, The Guilty Office is " the exceptionally great new Bats album," adding: "It's got strings! Well some of it has - and a harp." And by the sound of lushly orchestrated first single "Castle Lights," now streaming on their MySpace page, they aren't kidding.

The news comes in the wake of several online rumours that Bats main-man Robert Scott will also be releasing a new album with his pals in the Clean. So far all we've heard is Merge is behind the new Clean album and it's set for a release sometime in 2009. But like we said, this is only according to the rumour mill.

In support of The Guilty Office, the Bats are set to launch a tour, but there is no word on whether or not the band will have any Canadian dates. There's also no word if The Guilty Office will hit Canadian stores or come by way of a North American label. However, you will be able to order it over on Arch Hill.

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