The Bats Return with New LP, Reissue 'Daddy's Highway'

The Bats Return with New LP, Reissue 'Daddy's Highway'
Slowly but surely, Kiwi-pop greats the Bats are narrowing the gap between releases. While it took the band ten years to follow up 1995's Couchmaster with At the National Grid, it only took them three years to knock out the Exclaim!-approved 2009 effort The Guilty Office. Up next was Bats bandleader and the Clean member Robert Scott's 2011 solo set Ends Run Together, and now we've learned that dude knocked another one out with the Bats and it will be out by the end of the year.

The group will issue their eighth full-length, titled Free All the Monsters, on October 25 via Flying Nun. The set was recorded in a former asylum just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand by producer Dale Cotton (the Clean, Dimmer).

Keeping up with their jangly back catalogue, the New Zealand quartet's latest is apparently "filled with a manic and sophisticated pop charm," according to the press release. Via its title track, the psychedelic "Spacejunk" or the lo-fi folk tune "Simpletons," the disc is said to be crammed with "cleverly crafted tunes, powerful and haunting guitars, delicate vocals and soaring instrumental passages."

You can listen to Free All the Monsters' promising title track below.

While fans will no doubt flock to the new tunes, some diehards will no doubt go bonkers over news that the group's classic 1987 full-length debut Daddy's Highway will be getting a well-deserved reissuing on vinyl. The album was reissued on CD with some bonus tracks by Flying Nun last year, but this will be a boon to those looking for a copy of the once excruciatingly hard-to-find set on wax. It will also see release on October 25.

Free All The Monsters:

1. "Long Halls"
2. "Simpletons"
3. "Free All The Monsters"
4. "See Right Through Me"
5. "It's Not The Same"
6. "In The Subway"
7. "Fingers of Dawn"
8. "Spacejunk"
9. "On The Bank"
10. "Canopy"
11. "When The Day Comes"
12. "Getting Over You"