Bathtub Shitter Grind Dancehall

Japan’s best-named grind band are back with another great album name, and, hell, a great album too. The band deliver hilariously manic grind/punk that lacks much in the way of technical flair or impressive production values, instead going for it fast, loud, groovy and with a sense of humour. Those shrieking vocals are some of the most annoyingly enjoyable any singer’s ever pulled off. A clever sludge/grind take on the D.R.I. classic "Time Out” and song titles like "Re-shit,” "PS from BS” and "Everybody has the Wet” provide countless hours of enjoyment. The lyrics are a hoot too, nearly every song being about defecating in some form or another. But mainly it’s the flailing and unhinged grind that makes this one a winner; the band fail when it comes to writing great songs or blowing minds with instrumental skill, but they impress with their fun attitude. Interesting trivia: the singer had his head cracked open by a member of another band who broke into his house and attacked him while he slept! And as far as I can tell, that’s no joke. (S.A.F.)