Barnyard Records Ropes In Evan Parker for Three New Releases

Barnyard Records Ropes In Evan Parker for Three New Releases
Barnyard Records, one of Canada's most respected labels for free jazz improvisation, once again turns to an all-star Parker to help launch three new CDs this Saturday (April 9). Last year, Barnyard corralled bassist William Parker for their slate of releases, this year they call on legendary British improviser Evan Parker to celebrate their new offerings.

Over Parker's four-decade career, he has become synonymous with non-idiomatic improvisation (a term coined by his colleague Derek Bailey) and is widely considered to be one of the most important musicians in the field. He has worked with Peter Brotzmann, David Sylvian and Jah Wobble, among many others.

Barnyard's most ambitious release features Parker with the AIMToronto Orchestra, entitled Year of the Boar. The orchestra represents the cream of Toronto's improvisers and has previously performed and recorded with Anthony Braxton (father of ex-Battles member Tyondai).

A more intimate recording comes from the trio of Parker, Wes Neal and Joe Sorbara, dubbed At Somewhere There, referring to its live recording at one of Toronto's most notable spots for free improvisation. The third CD is Halcyon Science 130410, by label boss Jean Martin, Nicole Rampersaud, Wes Neal, Tomasz Krakowiak and Evan Shaw.

Over the past several years, Barnyard has carved a solid niche in the international network of free improvisation. Much like Jesse Zubot's Drip Audio label in Vancouver, Martin acts as chief recordist and takes an active, creative hand at the mixing board.

The triple-CD release featuring Parker is co-presented by Toronto Downtown Jazz and takes place at Toronto's 918 Bathurst Centre for the Arts on Saturday. Barnyard Records is distributed in Canada by Montreal's DAME distribution, which is responsible for bringing much of this country's jazz extrapolations to market.