Barcelona Pavilion It's The Barcelona Pavilion!

The Barcelona Pavilion is a Toronto trio featuring Maggie MacDonald and Steven Kado from the Hidden Cameras. Sounding nothing like the acclaimed gay chamber pop collective, the Barcelona Pavilion encourage the type of dancing that will get you arrested on the streets. Invoking comparisons to Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed and Stereo Total, the emphasis is on bargain bin electronics, ephedrine-fuelled bursts of energy and most importantly, whacked out fun. Released on Ben Ayres and Tijinder Singh’s (both of Cornershop) Meccico Records, this four-song seven-inch EP may be lightning fast (lasting just over seven minutes), but well worth the investment. The socially attentive "New Materiology” (which samples the Fall’s "Rowche Rumble”) and the Deutsch bounce along, "Die Welt Ist Schlecht,” are slices of DIY hyperactivity that will have the hype-seekers gasping for bragging rights. It’s The Barcelona Pavilion! and they’re the craziest invention since cheese in an aerosol can. (Meccico)