Baraka Som Sistema "Yah!"

Baraka Som Sistema 'Yah!'
Portugal: home to Lisbon, football legend Luís Figo, leitão (aka piglet sandwiches) and the 158th ranked fertility rate. Other than goth metallers Moonspell though, the Portuguese music scene (no, we're not including Portuguese language, but music from the actual country) is a little dry. Thank Bacchus then for Buraka Som Sistema! The five-piece take it to the dance floors in a similar style as artists like Diplo and Bonde Do Role. Much like Baile funk and Favela tech, BSS (watch out Broken Social Scene!) have their own little niche they work under called kuduro. Working with elements of hip-hop and electro, they produce a vivid mosaic through the utilisation of undulating synths, chopped up beats and a booty bouncin' rhythms.

Buraka Som Sistema "Yah!"