Bambi Kino Bambi Kino

Bringing together members of Nada Surf (Ira Elliot), Maplewood (Mark Rozzo), Cat Power (Eric Paparazzi) and Guided By Voices (Doug Gillard), Bambi Kino exist with one very singular purpose: to pay respect to the very early days of the Beatles when they spent night after sweaty night working in German clubs. Bambi Kino tried to get everything as accurate as possible, recording their album live in Hamburg at the Indra Musikclub, which just happens to be where the Beatles played their first gigs in 1960. And the fact that they played the same set as the Fab Four did 50 years later to the day is a nice touch, but it's a lot more interesting in theory than in practice. They played three sets a night, plus afternoon rehearsal sessions, where these recordings are taken from. The songs are all rock standards of the time ― after all, the Beatles began as a cover band ― with tunes by Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Phil Spector. Most are instantly recognisable, but there are a few obscure ones, all performed with an earnest authenticity, which makes Bambi Kino a very enjoyable, although hardly essential, album. (Tapete)