Ballboy Club Anthems

This cleverly titled debut album exposes its Scottish roots instantly. What Club Anthems offers is a scattered mix of tweeful Belle & Sebastian anecdotes, brooding Arab Strap pessimism and fast-paced Wedding Present (yes, they aren’t Scottish, but their sound is very present) movers and shakers. The subject matter is nothing pleasant: hatred for one’s country, self-loathing and plain old boredom. Beginning with the uplifting "I Hate Scotland,” a song that is based around the dissatisfied rants of Gordon McIntyre, which resembles the musical works of fellow Scots Prolapse. The further you dig into this record the more entertaining it gets. The band do their Billy Bragg impersonation on "Sex Is Boring,” where they take their shots at hip-hop, trip-hop, punk rock and house music, which apparently means nothing to them. Though McIntyre isn’t the greatest singer in the world (speaking most of his lyrics), Ballboy has that charm and appeal that made bands like the Violent Femmes and Hefner so lovable. Fans of Scottish indie music should take down this name, because Ballboy is the next great band from the plaid country. (Manifesto)