Baldwin Brothers Cooking With Lasers

The Baldwin Brothers owe their sonic sensibilities to two popular sources: DJ Shadow and Moby. While their programmed pop isn’t nearly as dense as the former, it will at the very least not suffer from the nauseating ubiquity of the latter. Beat-ing up its catchy formula with constant pop-culture references (Sanford and Son, The Six Million Dollar Man, Judy Blume, Evel Knievil), the Chicago-based Brothers (actually non-relations Jason Hinkle and TJ Widner) showcase a sensibility that’s playful and fun even if it lacks enough shovel to really break ground. Hipped up by guest stars including Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto), Angie Hart (Frente!) and Geri Soriano Lightwood (Supreme Beings of Leisure), the Baldwin Brothers provide enough spring to put a bounce in your step. (TVT)