Bald Eagle Hot Shoulders

Perfectly mixing elements of riff-heavy ’70s rock like Deep Purple with party-time post-punk in the vein of Rye Coalition and the WPP, Columbia, Missouri’s Bald Eagle know what they love. Hot Shoulders, their second full-length, captures this perfectly during its 11 tracks. Opener "Those Are Cobras, Man” kills it with some duelling guitars and aggressive vocals, while pizza song "Jammin The Wedge” opens with some arena-ready chords that build to a busy jam. Elsewhere, "Rodents of Unusual Size” takes a less abrasive indie rock approach, while the acoustic "The Lunch Helicopter” works as a fine centrepiece. By exploring different ideas without sounding schizophrenic, and having so much fun while they do it, Bald Eagle cut the bullshit and play amazing music. (Emergency Umbrella)