Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Members Team Up for "Zombie Western Futuristic Horror Movie"

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC Members Team Up for 'Zombie Western Futuristic Horror Movie'
The zombie apocalypse is coming and no one will be spared — not even the former heartthrobs in Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Members of those onetime competing boy bands will team up for what is being described as a "zombie Western futuristic horror movie."

Tentatively called Dead 7, the movie is still in the planning stages, but it currently features Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean, plus NSYNC member Joey Fatone. Carter is writing and starring, and the flick is being produced by the folks at the Asylum, who previously brought us Sharknado.

Carter told Rolling Stone that he plans on rounding out the cast with more icons from yesteryear.

"I want it to be musically based," he said. "I might reach out to Jordan [Knight] from the New Kids on the Block."

Regarding the content of the post-apocalyptic drama, Carter explained that it's about a "ragtag band of gunslingers" who fight zombies. McLean will play a villain, while Carter will be "a good guy that's going to help save the day." Fatone will play a "drunk."

Although Carter doesn't have much prior film experience, he's reportedly a movie buff and sci-fi aficionado. He recently appeared at Comic-Con in San Diego to promote the film. There's no word as to when it will be out, but fans should keep their eyes peeled.

Backstreet Boys fans might remember that the band once released a horror-themed video for their song "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," in which Carter played a mummy.